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Wings on white plate with snipped chives.

Hot Apricot Glazed Wings

Hot Apricot Glazed Wings, easy fried chicken wings with a sweet and spicy apricot jam glaze ~ a perfect appetizer/snack for game day or simply serve for dinner. Ever since I tried making wings at home, I’ve been obsessed.  I made chicken wings the first time with a stout beer and mustard glaze.  Delicious, and …

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Guacamole in white bowl with crumbled fresh cheese and homemade chips.

Perfect Guacamole

This is how to make perfect guacamole at home, simple and fresh, better than your favorite Mexican restaurant.  And you have to serve with homemade tortilla chips, you just do!  Instructions included with recipe. Guac.  Chips.  Queso.  Margaritas.  Doesn’t that just hit the spot sometimes?  That could easily be dinner for me.  For most, though, …

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Hummus in serving bowl drizzled with olive oil.

Classic Hummus

Classic hummus bi tahini recipe with mellowed garlic, sesame paste and chick-peas.  A favorite Middle-Eastern spread served as a dip with pita bread. I first made hummus years ago when we lived in Chicago.  Meathead raved about the hummus at an Armenian restaurant he often went to for lunch, Sayat Nova.  I came across a …

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Loaded Steak Nachos

Loaded Steak Nachos

Loaded Steak Nachos! Seasoned steak and homemade tortilla chips layered on a sheet pan with cheese and beans, then topped with sour cream, guacamole and salsa. Who doesn’t love a pan of nachos?  Or a plate, like my kids used to make after school.  They’d pile chips on a plate, top with some shredded Mexican blend …

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