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Classic Bolognese Ragù

Full disclosure here ~ if I take my favorite jarred marinara sauce and doctor it up with browned ground beef, some onions and spices, Meathead thinks it’s the best pasta sauce he’s ever had.  And it’s good, but it’s not Bolognese ragù.  I’m not talking a quick 15 minute sauce here ~  this is a …

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Italian Baked Spaghetti

My great granddad’s Chicago-style Italian baked spaghetti, beef-mushroom sauce layered with cheddar cheese and spaghetti and baked in a casserole dish. Granddad’s Spaghetti, my favorite comfort food of all time.  This is a baked spaghetti dish that my great grandfather made, and my grandmother and mom and aunts continued to make it and pass down …

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Mom's Lasagna, piece on serving plate with fork

Mom’s Lasagna

My mom’s lasagna recipe, classic beef lasagna with cottage cheese and mozzarella.   I got a text the other day from Always Hungry in New York.  “Can you put your lasagna recipe on your blog soon?  I’m craving it.”  She read my mind as I was planning to make it that weekend.  This is the lasagna …

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