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Greek baklava cut in diamonds, baked in pan

Greek Baklava

Classic baklava recipe, the traditional Greek pastry made with ground nuts, layers of phyllo and drizzled with honey syrup. I’ve had baklava now and then over the years, sometimes good, sometimes not so much.  In other words, not a huge fan, just kind of neutral.  But if you’ve ever had really good baklava, it’s a …

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Buckeyes on serving plate

Classic Buckeyes

Classic Buckeyes recipe for peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, a popular treat in the midwest, especially Ohio, and must-have on the holiday dessert table. I had my first buckeye years ago in Ohio, when I married into family from Dayton.  On the buffet at the holidays when we were visiting one year were a …

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Peach Pie, piece on serving knife pulling out of baked pie.

Peach Pie

Homemade peach pie made with seasonal, fresh peaches and a perfectly flaky, crispy crust made with lard and butter.  This is the quintessential summer fruit pie! Summer peach season is in full swing.  I’ve been having a blast with peaches this year.  Peach bellinis, grilled peaches and peach pie.  I’ve made peach pie twice so …

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Fresh Blackberry Crisp in baking dish with ice cream and spoon.

Fresh Blackberry Crisp

Fresh blackberry crisp made with just-picked blackberries from the farm ~ the best summer dessert, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, of course! I absolutely love fresh berries in the summer and if they’re local, even better.  Just so fresh and bursting with flavor.  The farm near my house has blackberries you can pick, …

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Slice of chocolate cream pie held above the pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolate cream pie ~ rich, dark chocolate pastry cream topped with whipped cream in an Oreo cookie crust. I make two really good pies, cherry and chocolate cream pie.  The cherry pie I used to make when I could get my hands on fresh Michigan tart cherries, that was long, long ago.  The chocolate cream …

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Square apple slice on serving knife above pan of apple slices.

Apple Slices

Chicago-style bakery apple slices.  Apple filling between two crusts in a sheet pan, topped with vanilla glaze and cut into squares. These slices are very portable and travel well for your potluck or next get-together! I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and as an adult I lived in the city.  I love Chicago neighborhood …

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